Caslav Matic

His original identity lost amid decades of aliases and deep cover, does anyone even pull the strings of the one the call "The Hollow Man"?


Apex skill (Superb): Deceit

Some aspects:
  • The heartless Doctor Stojkovic
  • The Hollow Man
  • The Black Hand
  • My nation, destroyed
  • Without a trace
  • Man of 1000 faces
  • Who pulls the strings?
  • Filipo Cordemer – the diplomat
  • Maxwell Reiss – the anarchist
  • Michel Gondre – the actor

For stunts, consider Matic to have the full array of disguise skills, up to ‘Disguise of the mind.’ He is also a linguist and virtuoso actor.


Born in Belgrade on January 1, 1900, Caslav Matic showed an early aptitude for athletics, languages and performance, but was otherwise a normal child of his time. His childhood, difficult but mostly happy, came to an abrupt end when his set of talents and nearly unique empathic profile came to the attention of the notorious Branislav Stojkovic.

Doctor Stojkovic was a pariah in his own land, shunned by all until, recognizing their precarious position between simmering European powers, the Kingdom of Serbia reluctantly turned to him for help. Decades ahead of his time, Stojkovic began Serbia on a pioneering program of shadow warfare: espionage, sabotage and assassination, using as a basisi many of his own theories of psychology. Caslav Matic came to be his greatest creation.

Brutally wiped clean of any vestige of personality or identity, young Matic was able to take on new identities entirely. By the age of 13 he was a full operative taking on independent missions. The year after, as a member of the Black Hand, he took part in the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.

During the war, Matic served King and Country from the shadows. He and the remaining six of the Black Hand managed to keep Serbia’s would-be conquerors at bay for longer than they should have, but it was ultimately a doomed struggle. Then, on November 19, 1916, in the Macedonian town of Bitola, Matic disappeared. In what was to become the final victory for the Serbian army matic was thought dead.

In the years since, Caslav Matic has surfaced under a number of distinct identities: the Milanese ambassador Filipo Cordemer, the German anarchist and agitator Maxwell Reiss, the French master of stage Michel Gondre… Doubtless there are others no one ever suspected and few have managed to put even a pair of these personae together, much less the bigger picture. Regardless of alias and identity, however, things continue to happen when Caslav Matic is around. People die. Things blow up.

Even Matic does not entirely know who he is any more or who pulls his strings. The rumors that Doctor Stojkivic survived the war and now serves new employeers is almost certainly true, but whether the Hollow Man still receives his new identities and directives from the doctor is unknown. He could be working for someone else… Or, even more frightening, he could be following no program at all, merely piecing together random bits of old missions as his psyche struggles to catch hold of something, anything. Who knows what such a man, of such lethal talents and utterly devoid of morality or purpose, might do?

Caslav Matic

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