El Jaguarundi

A Brazilian hunter with the spirit of the jungle cat. El Jaguarundi is as adept at the hunt in an urban jungle setting as in his Amazon home.


Apex skill (Superb): Survival

Some aspects:
  • A man of two worlds
  • The jungle is my home; the world is my jungle
  • Do not cage the noble beast
  • The most dangerous game
  • My den, my thicket
  • El jaguarundi
  • The beautiful kill

Once his den is established in an area, Calvin generally finds allies among some kinds of jungle cats. In the wild, this will be of native species, but he has been known to liberate the great beasts from a nearby circus or zoo when closer to civilization.


Calvin da Silva was born the son of a medicine man in the Amazon, but was ‘adopted’ by a well-to-do family of Portuguese missionaries at a very young age. The call of the wild never left Calvin, and he escaped his new home into the dangerous burgeoning slums of Sao Paolo. Of neither one world or another now, Calvin saw no difference between the jungle of his home and this newer jungle of the streets.

Calvin stowed away on a ship filled with volunteers for Ruy Barbosa’s quest to involve Brazil in the Great War and was taken in by the soldiers. Alongside the elite unit, da Silva fought through Macedonia. The rugged terrain made for a different type of fighting than the trenches and Calvin’s talents as a natural hunter came to the fore. When the war ended and it was time for Barbosa’s men to go home, Calvin remained. For him, one jungle was as good as another. Over the years he has been sighted throughout Europe as well as Africa and Southeast Asia. With increasing frequency, these trips came to be associated with high profile deaths.

Now, El Jaguarundi continues the hunt. As comfortable in the thickets of the bush as in the inner city, he finds a den wherever he wanders and hunts, whether for passion or for profit, until he has had his fill.

El Jaguarundi

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